Tagging for world domination

Tags can help you drive traffic to your website and build engagement in your online community. Here are my secrets to tagging success.

Learning about warranties from London Drugs

London Drugs wins my customer service prize of the month for its speedy resolution of my camera dilemma. I heard right away from their warranty department. It turns out they were about as happy with VAC’s warranty progam as I was: they’ve since brought...

Hola, Hola Churro!

We just discovered a new favorite spot: Hola Churro on Broadway east of Balaclava. Their Mexican food is delicious, reasonably priced, and offers great options for our special needs team of wheat-free/dairy-free eaters (yum, tamales!) and vegans (yum, mystery vegetarian dish!) Best of all, we discovered that they have free wifi, so we've added them to this list of Vancouver cafes with free wifi.

But there just aren't enough cafes offering that crucial combination of good food, vegan options, cheap convenient parking, clean bathrooms, power outlets and most crucially, free wifi. So if you have a favourite spot that has everything except the free wifi, encourage them to add wifi.

Hey…should we start something that would let us all collectively lobby for free wifi? Maybe we could make print-em-yourself business cards that us would-be-wifi-ers can leave (along wtih a generous tip) to let a restaurant know we want them to go wifi?


The dirty truth about extended warranties

See my update on how London Drugs resolved this situation. I know, I know…extended warranties are a scam, a way for electronics stores to up the profit margin on consumer electronics sales. But when our Olympus camera blew a pixel after less than two years, we...