A little mystery at Furl, when searching for tag-specific pages defined by multiple tags. The page http://furl.net/furled.jsp?topic=blog+canada includes one link. The page http://furl.net/furled.jsp?topic=canada+blog contains no links. Clearly, both pages should be...

What a difference 2 years makes

Today I spent some time looking around for server-side RSS aggregators that would give me more configuration options than I can get in Bloglines. In the course of my travels I came across this interesting snippet, dated March 4 2003: I looked at a couple of RSS...

e-Engagement Tools That Fit

Organizations have tremendous cultural variations that need to be considered when designing an e-engagement plan or selecting e-engagement tools. E-engagement will be most successful when it’s based on tools that fit with the way an organization approaches technology and with the way it approaches engagement. Since organizations may approach internal (employee) engagement differently […]

10 tools that tap the power of blogs

Blogging has been a hot topic here at OD2005. While there’s a lot of interest in blogging as a tool of public conversation, there’s also a lot of skepticism about the quality of information and discourse on blogs.
In my own presentations I have talked both about how to use blogging as an engagement tool and […]

Make blogging part of your workflow

For all my tagging evangelism, I’ve been enigmatic and elusive about how I myself use tagging to be a better blogger, a better worker, and a better human being. But the whole reason I’ve become such a tagging fanatic is because it’s allowed me to...

The Annotated New York Times

Michael Weiksner of E-ThePeople showed us a site called The Annotated New York Times, which shows what people are saying about the NYT on the blogosphere. It’s a lot like what Salon is doing with Technorati.

My presentations at the Online Deliberation 2005 Conference

I’m presenting on two different panels at OD2005. My main paper (in room 380x at 2:40 on Saturday) is on “Found” Enagement: Lessons from Hacktiivsm and Blogging. I’ll be talking about the increasingly fuzzy boundary between formal consultation and spontaneous activism, and how online deliberation can learn to incorporate spontaneous participation the way offline […]


Combine a whack of RSS feeds into a single uber-feed.

del.icio.us feeds my vanity

We spend a lot of time using the Internet as a mirror. A lot of the time we use it as a big mirror that helps us see the people who think like us or talk like us or dress like us. Many web tools succeed by helping us focus that big mirror down towards a reflection...

Today in the Toronto Star: Tagging

My piece on tagging finally appeared in the Toronto Star today, after a long struggle to make the tagging phenomenon both accessible and meaningful to a general audience. Since the final story had to be edited significantly due to space limitations, I’m posting...