Attention, listeners!

The folks over at Technorati have come up with a proposed XML standard, dubbed Attention.xml, aimed at ranking RSS feeds (like those generated by blogs) so that all us poor overwhelmed blog readers can make better, smarter, more efficient choices. Check out what it does with your own list of blog subscritions here.

E-democracy and egovernment tags – DoWire.Org

Steve Clift has set up a wiki page for e-democracy and e-government tags, following up on my call for a common tag taxonomy.

If you work in the e-democracy or e-government field, please visit this page to add any tags or keywords that you use for tracking bookmarks or blog posts in this area.

Tagging e-democracy

This week’s challenge: coming up with a common set of e-democracy tags for all of the e-democracy bloggers and bookmark collectors out there.

For those new to the tagging concept, here’s a brief intro: In the process of setting up Diablogue, I’ve been exploring the world of social bookmarking and tagging. Social bookmarking systems (like, […]

Drupal and Civic Space

I’ve been checking out Drupal, a web-based content management system that could provide an interesting platform for online engagement projects (especially those with a limited budget — Drupal is open source).

For those who don’t know Drupal, it describes itself as a “dynamic web site platform which allows an individual or community of users to publish, […]

Academic IP rights

Lawrence Lessig has drawn a line in the sands of intellectual property. He declares today that: I will not agree to publish in any academic journal that does not permit me the freedoms of at least a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. I couldn’t...

Today’s bookmarks

I’m trying a new tool that automatically adds my latest bookmarks to this blog via (I’m user Alexandra Samuel.) I actually manage my bookmarks with Spurl, a terrific social bookmark system that integrates nicely with but has a more...

Pew Report on 2004 Campaign

Shared bookmarks for user Alexandra Samuel on 2005-03-08 Pew Report on the Internet and Campaign 2004: The Pew Internet & American Life project released its report on the 2004 election campaign this week. Michael Cornfield’s pithy summary reports...

New Communications Forum 2005: Blog University

Snip: Whether it’s the latest news leak, a new outlet for more traditional media, or a discussion about politics, technology, business trends, or a global occurrence, blogs are rapidly becoming an important part of online and in-person discourse. As media companies begin to adopt ways to accommodate this new medium, corporate blogs and blogs authored by individuals are finding a place in this growing online community.
New Communications Forum is an intensive new conference series specifically designed to bring journalists and marketing and PR professionals together to learn how to use new media tools such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and podcasting for media communications, corporate branding, marketing communications, public relations and employee communications initiatives. It will provide you with an in-depth, hands-on exploration of the future of communications.

NewComm Forum Europe 2005 will be held on April 5-6, 2005 at Eurodisney in Paris, France