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From Harvard Business Review Press: Work Smarter with Social Media

Learn the best tips and tricks for using social media tools on the job with Work Smarter with Social Media, a new series of short, digital books from Harvard Business Review Press. Each title in the series will help you make the most of a key tool in your social media toolkit, and equip you to get ahead of your daily work—and get ahead in your career.

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Work Smarter, Rule your Email 

released February 4, 2014

work-smarter-rule-your-email-cover-160B   spacer-2 “As a starter book for getting things organized, Work Smarter Rule Your Email starts you on the right path for learning email solutions that make communication easier. Read Work Smarter Rule Your Email to improve your productivity and seize the digital part of your day.” — Pierre DeBois, Small Business Trends

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Work Smarter with LinkedIn 

released June 25, 2013

WSWLI_miniCover-3    spacer-2 “Alexandra has provided a practical, implementable, easy to read overview of one of THE best social media resources…Do yourself a favor, download this brilliant resource and get your LinkedIn profile up to date!” — Neen James

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Work Smarter with Twitter and HootSuite

released April 2, 2013

Work Smarter With Twitter and HootSuite cover   spacer-2 “For anyone looking to manage a Twitter account on behalf of their client, organization or their own business more efficiently, this is a must-read.” - Eden Spodek

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Work Smarter with Evernote 

released December 18th, 2012

WSWE_160     spacer-2 “I have used Evernote in a haphazard way for about a year.  I’ve been waiting for this book, or so it feels like…it shows me how to use Evernote as a self-organizing tool, in smart, simple, and effective ways..it puts forward the case for “social leaders”, and how a tool like Evernote can help me provide above-and-beyond value to others.  What’s more important than that?” — Ben Ziegler

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First posted on October 28,2012