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Love your career online

Whether you’re working in a large organization or running the show as an entrepreneur, social media can help you do a better job — or help you win the next one. These posts offer practical ways you can make the most of social media in the workplace, both to drive business and organizational success and to propel your own career forward.

11 social media tools that put entrepreneurs on the right strategic path

May 31, 2011

My latest post for the Harvard Business Review was inspired by a trip I made to Romania earlier this spring. I visited Bucharest and Cluj as part of the School for Startups, a highly successful UK-based entrepreneurship program created by Doug Richard. S4S is running in two different Romanian cities this year, with about a [...]

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5 steps to create your social media toolkit

March 16, 2011

Building a social media presence around a specific area of expertise is your best way to connect with a network and audience that cares about your work, and gets real value from your online contributions. This blog post walks you through the 5 steps that will get you up and running with three tools that will let you build and maintain a credible online presence as an expert: a Wordpress blog, a Google Reader account and a Twitter presence managed through HootSuite.

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Twitter and the Temblor: Managing a social media emergency

March 11, 2011

Yesterday morning I gave a talk on social media to a group of Canadian government employees. The talk was organized…

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15 resources to accelerate your social media learning

February 7, 2011

I just got back from a fantastic day at the 20th annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference at Harvard Business School. What an incredible event! If the students who organized it weren’t going to be busy running the world’s next generation of startups, non-profits and multinational companies, you would definitely ask them to plan your [...]

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Social media for journalists: 10 ways to use Evernote

October 26, 2010

If social media is rewriting the rules of field after field, then publishing may be the field where its impact has been most immediate..and often, most painful. Yesterday, Chris Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Centre posted an interview with me about this very subject in CCC’s Beyond the Book podcast. Our conversation gave me a [...]

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How to use social media to recruit your dream hire

July 14, 2009

From Harvard Business Online: my post about how social media can help employers find the best people for their team.

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How Twitter groups can make your twittering more a meaningful, conversational and connected

April 26, 2009

Learn how I set up a Twitter system that connects me more closely to the people and ideas that matter most in my own life.

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17 tips for using Twitter to grow your business

March 29, 2009

Just like black-and-white photography can reveal depths you’ll never see in colour, the short length of a Twitter message encourages new levels of creativity and effectiveness in marketing. Don’t believe me?  Here are my top tips on getting started with Twitter…and each is 140 characters or less.

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Building your social media team

March 26, 2009

Developing an effective social media team requires more than finding the right box on the org chart or figuring out where that community moderator should sit. Here are the kinds of capabilities you need on your team.

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10 social media travel tools

March 6, 2009

This blog post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review. Travel budgets are under serious pressure right now. Trips that were once approved via rubber stamp now must pass through the Politburo Standing Committee to get a green light. Thankfully, a host of social media tools can help you get the most out of every business trip [...]

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