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5 online calendars your family can’t live without

February 9, 2012

If you think online calendaring is for scheduling business meetings, appointments and the occasional lunch date, you’re missing out. Online calendars can also be a great way to bring order to the chaos of family life — if you create or subscribe to the essential calendars that will keep your family happy and functional. Here [...]

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How to stop wasting time on technology challenges

January 16, 2012

Today’s practice: The next time you dive into a time-consuming tech challenge, stop to ask: what would a normal person do? Saturday morning I woke up at 4 a.m. in preparation for my flight to London — and accompanying time zone readjustment — later that day. I looked forward to having eons of time to [...]

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4 ways your computer can help you to protect your time

September 7, 2011

Feel like email and social media are stealing your time? Great news: your communications technologies can give time back, too.  I’m not talking about productivity boosters or clever ways of getting even more work done in even less time. I’m talking about protecting your time from the many incursions (many of them brought to you [...]

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Respecting the billable hour

August 29, 2011

Can I have $500? One of the interesting things about being a consultant or entrepreneur is that people ask you for that kind of money all the time. I was reminded of this recently while catching up with a friend who (unlike me) is still involved in the daily work of running a web company. [...]

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How to sustain a social media presence in 3 hours a week

March 18, 2011

Feel like you don’t have enough time to create a meaningful social media presence? In this post I spell out my step-by-step process for creating and maintaining a high value, useful blog and Twitter presence in just (I mean it!) 3 hours a week.

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The 5 requirements for a starter social media presence

March 14, 2011

What are the 5 factors that shape the investment you’re willing to make in social media? I hear about the same key considerations from a lot of people, so I’ve spelled them out as the requirements for the easy to set up, easy to maintain presence I will map out in this series.

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A techsperiment that puts family tech use in a new light

June 23, 2010

Last week we conducted a techsperiment on eliminating gadgets from our family time: we swore off using iPhones, iPads and computers from the time we got home (5 or 6) until the time the kids were asleep (8 or 9). We did pretty well during the week, and discovered that our family time was more [...]

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The 10 lies of working late

June 9, 2010

It’s not late if you’re not tired. It’s not work if you’re in bed. It’s not late if your friends are still online. It’s not work if it’s blogging. It’s not late if you like working at this hour. It’s not work if the TV is on. It’s not late if you can sleep in [...]

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Tips for avoiding social media compulsion

June 3, 2010

Chris Brogan’s blog post, Your Blog is Not Your Job, contains some great tips on how keep blogging and social media from overtaking your primary work and focus. These include: Use an egg timer. If you’re going to venture out onto Twitter, time it. Keep a sticky note of your objectives in sight of your monitor. [...]

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