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What is an ebook? 6 questions about the future of books

December 6, 2011

Tonight Emily Carr students presented 5 ebook prototypes developed over the course of this semester in an ebook design course. As the students presented their work, and members of the local business, tech and creative communities responded to them, it was clear that we are grappling with a common set of fundamental questions raised by [...]

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Internet researchers tackle the future of reading & publishing at AOIR

October 13, 2011

True confession: I treat conference panels as competitive events. Whenever I’m participating in a multi-speaker panel my secret goal is to “win” the panel. This doesn’t mean I try to take down my fellow panellists: it’s not like wrestling or ice hockey, where you’ve got to crush your opponent in order to take home the [...]

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Social media for journalists: 10 ways to use Evernote

October 26, 2010

If social media is rewriting the rules of field after field, then publishing may be the field where its impact has been most immediate..and often, most painful. Yesterday, Chris Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Centre posted an interview with me about this very subject in CCC’s Beyond the Book podcast. Our conversation gave me a [...]

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