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Towards a geography of digital memory

March 6, 2012
View from Sutton Place Hotel

I’m in Toronto for a lightning trip, speaking tomorrow at a luncheon hosted by Women in Film & Television. Tonight I’m staying at the Sutton Place Hotel, which puts me at the epicentre of memory for my first 25 years of life. From the east-facing window of my suite I look down the barrel of [...]

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Why we need to remember life before the Internet

May 1, 2011

“What did kids do before there were iPads?” our kids asked us last week. This question was astonishing not just as an indicator of how central the iPad has become to our family life, but of how incredibly short our kids’ memories are. “What do you mean, ‘kids’?” I replied. “What did you guys do [...]

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Dittos remind us of the pleasures of obsolescence

March 31, 2011

In 1976 I was in kindergarten, and like any five-year-old looked forward to the high point of each day: the arrival of our latest ditto-ed handout. For those of you under 30, let me explain that a ditto (similar to a mimeo) was a purple-inked paper used to mass-produce in-class exercises, and in the over-12 [...]

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