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Delete your Klout profile and be more than a Klout score

December 12, 2011

7 steps to deleting your Klout score, following through on my Harvard Business Review blog post, “The Social Sanity Manifesto”.

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Responding to online criticism: reflections on my WNYC interview

July 29, 2010

Most people don’t even read the blog they’re responding to. That’s one of the comments that came up during my interview yesterday on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer show. I spoke with Amy Eddings (sitting in for Brian Lehrer) about my recent post for Harvard Business Review on how to stop apologizing for your online life. Not [...]

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Getting to know you in the age of Google

March 29, 2010

I ask digital anthropologist Brynn Evans to weigh in on the etiquette of googling new acquaintances — before or during a meeting.

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The Tantalizing Promise of Social Search

March 29, 2010
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Of all the sessions I missed at this year’s SXSW, the one that I regretted the most was the Social…

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Staying Immune to the Hype Virus at SXSW

March 11, 2010
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I’m heading off this week to SXSW Interactive, the annual geekfest that remains the only place where I have actually…

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How Social Media Is Changing Olympic Coverage

February 26, 2010
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Plenty of locals in Vancouver are stymied in their efforts to decipher just what the protesters want; or more precisely, what it would take to satisfy them.
—Jonathon Narvey

Game play can help grow a community, offer positive mentorship,…

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How great editing motivates great user-generated content

January 20, 2010

When a business or organization takes on its first social media project, the communications team typically worries about how to handle a deluge of negative comments or inappropriate content. Rob and I always tell people that what they should worry about is the exact opposite: namely, getting no participation at all. If you are running a [...]

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