Making art from a lifetime of data

This weekend Little Sweetie asked whether she can have my computer when I die. I had to explain that she is unlikely to want it: by the time I die, my current computer will be useless. “But how about this,” I suggested instead. “When I die, you can...
Crowdsourcing my identity: an art experiment

Crowdsourcing my identity: an art experiment

The phenomenon of Pecha Kucha — presentations in which a speaker addresses 20 slides for 20 seconds each — has overtaken unconferences and WhateverCamps as the hottest format for professional gatherings. So I was interested to see a Pecha Kucha veteran...

Show + Tech: What I did on my summer vacation

Stinky socks. Talking dogs. Dancing jelly beans. We got to see all of the above — and more! — at the SIM Centre‘s inaugural show + tech. Show + tech is a chance for members of Vancouver’s business, art and technology communities to connect with...

Bathroom graffiti, meet social media

The back-to-school rhythm of September has stayed with me in the years since I graduated myself, but it has fresh resonance this September as I’m back in an academic environment. Here at Emily Carr the pace has quickened, the cafeteria is jammed and the anxious...
Kill your tech truths

Kill your tech truths

We’re taught to think of technologies as constants…and so we fall into thinking of tech in absolutes, and getting attached to truths that hold us back more than they help us. Here are 10 tech truths you would do well to question.

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