Meet CupidBot!

CupidBot is an interactive Valentine from your friends Alex, Rob, Sweetie and Peanut.To start chatting, just type in the chat window that’s popped up on this page.

– Type “help” or “back” to get options at any time
– Type “quit” when you’re done chatting

Would you rather talk with Cupid directly? Email Alex to become a beta tester for our Amazon Echo Cupid skill.


Create a bot to embody the spirit of Cupid, god of love.

RELEASE NOTES as logged by Rob Cottingham

0.1.0 — First beta. Arrows everywhere. It’s a miracle nobody was killed. Deleting codebase and starting over.

0.2.0 — Better. Bot is more restrained at firing arrows. Mostly non-lethal. It’s a start.

0.2.1 — Arrows entirely non-lethal! But instead of love they induce a craving for pamplemousse-flavour La Croix. Alex appears permanently affected.

0.2.2 — Tweaked arrow function to deprecate pointiness after user complaints.

0.2.3 — “Somebody put some clothes on him. He’s butt-freakin’ naked.” Nice catch by our QA team.

0.2.4 — Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

0.3 — Legal dept declared the whole arrow thing a non-starter. This release is a bare-bones framework built to satisfy our VP Marketing whose sole direction to us was “Uber, but for cherubs.”

0.4 — VP Marketing has now left to pursue exciting opportunities in the “anywhere but here” sector. New direction: a Bluetooth-enabled carrot juicer.

0.4.1 — …that also mines Bitcoin.

0.4.2 — …in a virtual reality environment. Seriously, is nobody else concerned about scope creep?

0.5 — Entirely new codebase. Conducted summoning ritual at Stonehenge under a lunar eclipse combining the secretions of a blood-red salamander with the Amazon Alexa API. …Heck. Nothing happened.

0.5.1 — Oh. Forgot the oregano.

0.5.2 — Bingo! Cupid, ancient god of love, embodied in the form of a bot!

0.5.3 — Um, a really foul-mouthed bot. Removed DescribeCertainActsInLuridDetail() method.

0.5.4 — Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

1.0.0 — Shipped! See it in action here.