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family photo as Starfleet Crew

The illustration created for my article, “Geeks Gone Wild”, is my all-time favorite family photo.

Live from Norwescon

I’m at Norwescon 42 this weekend, a fabulous gathering of sci-fi enthusiasts in Seattle. While this is our third Norwescon, it’s my first time as a panelist. This page rounds up resources I’ve mentioned on my panels so far, as well as articles I think will interest NWC attendees.
General interest
These are stories I’ve written about science fiction, gaming, fandom and other themes that may interest NWC folks.
Thursday panels
MBTI, Big Five, and The Need to Classify Personality 
Extroverts, introverts, ambiverts. INTJ versus ESFP? Open versus Neurotic? Never have we had so many different ways of describing human personality. Are we coming up with a theory of mind, or is this just astrology for the 21st century? Inquiring minds want to know!
Manage Your Time
The business of writing isn’t always fun. In fact, many of us creatives hate this side of the biz. What are some tricks to stay focused on recordkeeping of payments and expenses, paneling or teaching workshops, and writing, all while finding time for life?
Friday panels
Women in Tech • Cascade 11 • 3–4 p.m.
The fields of technology, information science, and scientific research have traditionally been fairly hostile to women. Women still find it difficult to get tenured positions, critical research funding, and articles adjudicated in peer-reviewed journals, which can stifle their careers. This panel looks at the state of women in technology and information science and what can be done to improve the situation.
Cyborgs, Androids and other Machines as Characters in Science Fiction  • Cascade 11 • 7–8 p.m.
In this panel, we will explore sentient machines of all types in science fiction. What roles do “human” machines play in SF, and why do we as writers and readers find this archetype of human-as-machine/machine-as-human so valuable? As the line between human being and machine dissolves with looming advances in medical, biotech, AI, and virtual reality tech, how will this archetype (and stories portraying it) change?
Saturday panels
Blogger, Min3r, Gamer, AI: Tomorrow’s Job • Evergreen 1 & 2 •noon–1 p.m.
What will your job be in 2030? Chances are, it doesn’t even exist today. Within the next twelve years, thirty percent of all job categories will go extinct, but a plethora will be created in an increasingly AI-driven world. Maybe you’ll be a drone wrangler, a social media maven, a cyberwarfare soldier, or a cosmetic prosthetist. Explore what the world of work (and not work) will look like in the next ten to fifty years.
Star Trek Discovery • Cascade 9 • 11–noon
Star Trek is back on TV—new tech, new Klingons, new uniforms. We boldly go where no one has gone before… and talk about the new clothes on our favorite sci-fi TV show.
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