8 tech essentials for your next business trip

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WSJ Tech Gear story

I have two stories in today’s Wall Street Journal: Tips for Keeping Your Tech Running Smoothly On the Road and It’s Time to Get Rid of the To-Do List.

My story about my favorite tech travel tools has led to a few inquiries about which specific products I use myself. So here’s the list:

  1. iclever charger has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports

    iClever Charger

    Portable Charger: I thought I was being really smart when I bought the sleek black iClever charger for our road trips…but then I accidentally ordered two, which led to us discovering that we basically need one of these in every room of our house. So now we keep our iClever chargers at home, and I use this even more compact version when I’m on the road. 

    UPDATE: A WSJ reader who is also an electrical engineer just emailed me to point out that our new compact charger might not be UL approved (UL is a safety rating). Sure enough, after inspecting my charger, there’s no UL stamp anywhere, so I’ll be returning it. I guess this is what writers mean when they say, “writing saved my life!”

    And now I see the iClever charger isn’t UL-certified either. So I’m going to do some digging and decide whether this something that warrants replacing every power strip in our house.

2. Battery: I have had many backup batteries in my day, But I’ve been very happy with this eeco charger because it is very lightweight and has ports for both USB-C and USB-A.

3. Video adapter: I got the Topoint USB-C to VGA/HDMI video adapter as the price of acquiring the new, all-USB-C MacBook Pro, and keep it packed for presentations. I haven’t actually used it yet, so I can’t confirm that it works.

4. USB-C adapters: Something like these Aukey USB-C adapters are essential for any Macbook owner. Keep one on you at all times.


5. VPN: After looking at a number of different privacy sites, I’ve selected NordVPN as the best way to protect myself online — and on the road.


6. Travel router: Our travel router is an older version of this router from TP-Link.


7. USB keychain: Sandisk Dual Drive supports USB-C and old-fashioned USB. You just slide that little button on top to pop out one connector or the other.

8. TV on the go: It drives me crazy when I’m forced to watch live TV like some kind of animal, so I travel with an Amazon Fire Stick that lets me access my Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts.


In case it’s not obvious from the list above, I am always on the hunt for my next life-changing gadget, so if there is anything you’d add to this this, please let me know!

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