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Decide up front whether your assistant will respond to your incoming mail as you, under their own name, or forward certain messages to you. Clarify how often they will check your inbox and how they’ll flag items that need your attention. For example, Samuel suggests creating a file labeled “Assistant” and another titled “Read This” to clarify who should respond to what email.

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Samuel noticed that her friends and peers seemed to have very different attitudes about their kids’ use of technology. Some were very restrictive, and others were very lenient — but all of them were confident that their way was the best. So, determined to find out which way was truly the best, Samuel conducted a survey of over 10,000 parents about their kids’ technology use.

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According to the Huffington Post, Samuel conducted a survey in which she talked with more than 10,000 parents about their kid’s technology usage. After the survey, it was concluded that the best way of parenting is the mentor’s way.

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