Is Video Game Addiction a “Boy” Problem?

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Do boys have more trouble separating from video games than girls? It turns out that there’s now a solid body of research to draw on in answering that question. And it’s a question with immediate, practical implications for parents. As I write in JSTOR Daily:

I can only dream about getting my kid to hand over an iPhone without a struggle. Ditto for a tablet or laptop. And good luck getting my kid to wrap up a gaming session on the Xbox, Playstation, or Wii.

Well, one of my kids: the boy. Our daughter is far less likely to lose her tiny mind over the end of game time, and also, less likely to wake me up at 5 am in order to watch video games on YouTube, my son on the other hand, loves the games.

When I commiserate with other tech-tortured parents, this seems to be a common pattern: yes, there are some girls who get really into video gaming, but it seems like it’s far more frequently an issue for little boys. Is this yet another case of parents making broad generalizations based on personal observation and preconceived notions about gender, or is there really a difference in how boys and girls game?

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