3 ways you can use Pinterest

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In my Friday post for Harvard Business Review, I provided companies with some ideas about how they could use Pinterest to connect with customers. Today, I want to suggest 3 ways to use Pinterest personally:

  1. Compile a list of purchases before deciding what to buy; or use it compile a snapshot of your style that costs a lot less than the real thing. The more specific you are about your shopping list, the more helpful your board will be: “red dresses” is a better pinboard than “dresses”.
  2. Follow the friends whose style or taste you already admire, and keep your eye out for pinners who consistently pin items you love — they are doing your homework for you!
  3. If you are making a decision or working on a project that has a visual component, assembling your options or ideas on a pinboard is an efficient way to ask others to weigh in.
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