Your Biggest Social Media Fans Might Not Be Your Best Customers

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If you think your careful attention to social media analytics, monitoring, and customer relations means you know your customers better than ever before, think again. Rather than enlightening you about your customers, all that social media data may actually be misleading you—because it’s only showing you a narrow and atypical slice of your social media audience and your customer base.

That’s the key insight in a new report my coauthor Vision Critical President Andrew Reid and I released last week, What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You About Your Customers. The report provides long-overdue context about who you are actually hearing from when you tune in to your social media audience. Our big finding was that even if your social media audience is largely made up of people who are also your customers (which in itself can be hard to ascertain), those customers who you actually hear from on social media are not representative of your customers as a whole.

My latest for The Harvard Business Review shares highlights from the new Vision Critical report based on my research over the past two years. Read the whole story — or the full report.


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