What to do in a hotel room other than eating the minibar’s peanut M&Ms

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Bored? Staring at the mini-bar? Here’s what to do in a hotel room so you won’t give in to the siren song of Peanut M&Ms.
  1. Try to fix the aspect ratio on the TV screen so the people don’t look double-wide
  2. Re-route the ethernet cable on the desk so that it reaches the bed
  3. Marvel at the prices of the TV system’s content-on-demand
  4. Post mini-reviews of the complimentary toiletries to Twitter
  5. Iron your underwear
  6. Copy edit the room service menu
  7. You know….
  8. Rate your hotel on TripAdvisor
  9. Use Zap2It to look up the TV listings for the town you’re in and try to figure out which cable system corresponds to the channel lineup in your hotel (answer: none)
  10. Eat the plain M&Ms

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  1. Alex

    Good Top Ten. I especially like #10. : )

  2. Alex

    Good Top Ten. I especially like #10. : )

  3. inception42

    Nice funny list. However, I would like to know what you had in your mind for no. 7… 😛

  4. Cecilia

    We already ironed out panties! >.<

  5. Ansonrockstar

    nohin that i like to do in a hotel

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