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8 easy ways to make me (and everyone else) love you more online

April 6, 2015

We all know the world runs on love. But every day, we squander that love by bugging the living crap out of other people, thanks to our careless interactions with technology. The good news is that there are some simple ways to avoid annoying people online (and off). Here are 8 simple guidelines that I [...]

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If conferences were like slot machines

February 11, 2015

My Facebook friends should be forgiven if they think I’m in Vegas to try out novelty slot machines. I was actually here to deliver three presentations on “How social media drives consumer decisions” at the LeadingRE real estate conference. I got to my last presentation an hour ahead of time, set up my computer and [...]

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Announcing Work Smarter, Rule Your Email

February 4, 2014

There’s no part of online life that has a bigger impact on our productivity — and our happiness! — than email. But most email productivity guides focus on getting control over email, when what we really need is more control over our lives and our work. That’s why I’m excited to announce today’s publication of [...]

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Hey NSA, even my kids know snooping is creepy

June 12, 2013

This morning’s breakfast conversation: ME: I’m feeling upset about how Barack Obama has been reading all the stuff we’ve been posting online — everywhere except Twitter, which refused to cooperate. SWEETIE: That’s creepy. ME: Good news, though — I blogged your list of feature ideas for Apple. PEANUT: Will Barack Obama read that, too? ME: [...]

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ShopStyle: Diary of an online shopping addiction

December 13, 2012

This is the true story of a woman and a website: ShopStyle. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t click that link. But if you are one of the people who have asked me about the super-ultra-amazing shopping search engine I can’t stop using, here is our tale.

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Should copyediting be part of your social media strategy?

November 8, 2012

I’ll admit it: I’m a grammar nazi. When I see a poorly punctuated tweet, I cringe, and when I see a blog post with a comma splice in the title, I want to tear my hair out. I’ve fantasized about a supper club for copy editors — the folks like me and my husband, who [...]

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Better vacations with social media

August 7, 2012

Social media services made our blissful vacation possible. This series will give you tips on using Yelp, Ridejoy, Evernote and other tools to enhance your future travel.

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Online pickup, or online stalking? (From CBC Vancouver)

March 15, 2012

Finally, an online dating site that makes Plenty of Fish and Craigslist’s Missed Connections look positively classy. My comments are included in the story that ran on CBC news tonight.

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3 ways you can use Pinterest

March 5, 2012

In my Friday post for Harvard Business Review, I provided companies with some ideas about how they could use Pinterest to connect with customers. Today, I want to suggest 3 ways to use Pinterest personally: Compile a list of purchases before deciding what to buy; or use it compile a snapshot of your style that [...]

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3 features that would make Pinterest even more useful

March 2, 2012

Today in the Harvard Business Review, I invite companies to meet your Pinterest customer – me! I’ve been using Pinterest for over a year, after I was introduced to it by Samantha Lefort, a talented designer and Emily Carr University alum. My experience using Pinterest over the past year provides a snapshot of how companies can use Pinterest [...]

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3 reasons to check out the latest research on social media and food

February 28, 2012

In the past, ethnicity and family traditions dictated the foods we prepared; we bought our groceries at a neighborhood store; we learned our recipes from “mom” or a cookbook; and we ate our meals together around a table. In contrast, today social media introduces us to new tastes, cuisines and possibilities; we source food via multiple channels including [...]

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