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Social media, smartphones, e-mail: they can all help take your career to the next level, or they can ensure you get utterly consumed by your work. Here are my best strategies, tools and stories to help you harness your online time to creating the work of your dreams — even if your dreams include sometimes leaving the office.

6 ways to speed up your social media response times

November 14, 2012

Speed is essential to developing the right social media campaign, response or update. In my last post, I looked at how the right kind of market research program can support faster and more responsive social media management, inspired by The Quick and the Dead, a new ebook by my Vision Critical colleague Ray Poynter. Ray’s [...]

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Why the speed of research matters in social media

November 13, 2012

How quickly do you have to reply to a critical tweet? How long does it take for the right video to go viral? How often do you have to update your company’s Facebook page? Speed is at the heart of many of the questions that come up over and over again in social media. Whenever [...]

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A new path to social media insight at Vision Critical

October 30, 2012

People who post frequently on Facebook and Twitter are more than 3 times as likely to care about being the most fashionable person in the room, compared to more passive social media users. That was one of the surprising findings that came out of a major social media study Emily Carr University undertook with Vision [...]

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5 questions about your personal brand and your day job

October 28, 2012

My latest for the Wall Street Journal addresses the challenges that companies face in managing “co-branded” employees: employees who have built a significant reputation and following through social media. The story covers a range of issues managers need to consider, from the implications for promotion paths to the ownership of employee-created intellectual property. But what [...]

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How quickly should you reply to email?

October 2, 2012
normal curve

I’m a judgemental email sender and an anxious email recipient. When I send someone an email, I judge them based on their response time: instant? slow? eternal? And by judgement, let me be clear: I’m not judging them on their email skills alone. Increasingly, I use email response time as an indicator of someone’s intrinsic [...]

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For a magazine story: seeking business leaders suffering from tech pain

August 7, 2012

I’m writing a story for a leading business travel magazine and I’m looking for interview subjects. Do you have a tech pain point — whether it’s email overload, scheduling, or just finding a way to unplug — that I can help you solve? If you are the CEO of a small-to-medium-sized business, or an executive [...]

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Take these ideas…please

June 1, 2012
lightbulb stickies

For the next month, I’m committed to sharing almost every one of my ideas — no matter how valuable, and no matter how terrible.

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When to Stop and When to Keep Going with Your Social Media Strategy

May 16, 2012

Push through the discomfort: It’s tempting to stop (or never start) using social media when you realize that you are…

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A bird’s eye view of hashtag diffusion

May 10, 2012

What’s it like to be on a panel with rock stars Peter Shankman, Julien Smith, Chris Brogan and Russell Bowers? For all who have wondered, I can answer that question with a video — at the same time, answering a question that came in on Twitter during today’s panel at Mount Royal University’s Social Media [...]

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Tx is short for f*** you, not thank you

April 20, 2012

Today’s practice: Write your thank yous instead of abbreviating them. Last night, I caught myself on the verge of a profound etiquette violation. A colleague had replied quickly and helpfully to an email I had sent, asking for information, and my breezy reply ended “tx”. She had taken the time to answer my question in [...]

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Meet Your Pinterest Customer

April 19, 2012

Pinterest is the social media darling of the month, growing madly and reported to be driving more traffic to third-party…

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