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Social media, smartphones, e-mail: they can all help take your career to the next level, or they can ensure you get utterly consumed by your work. Here are my best strategies, tools and stories to help you harness your online time to creating the work of your dreams — even if your dreams include sometimes leaving the office.

11 best practices for working with an editor

September 12, 2014

My latest blog post for the Harvard Business Review makes the case for adding an editor to your content marketing team. As I note in that post, Content marketing will only deliver on its promise if it’s good enough to deliver customers–that’s why improving the quality of content marketing is critical to business. But creating [...]

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20 requirements for a great coffee shop for home office workers

August 27, 2014

What are the ingredients for the perfect working café? I’ve been thinking about this question because I’m heading into a period when I expect to spend a lot of time working in coffee shops.  I’ve spent a lot of my career, including my most productive periods, working in coffee shops, largely because they offer the [...]

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How to use your Facebook restricted list

November 7, 2013

Organizing your Facebook friends into lists is a great way to share different kinds of content with different kinds of people: for example, you might want to share certain updates with your colleagues, and other kinds of updates (like those adorable kid photos) with a small circle of friends.Facebook automatically creates a few of these [...]

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Work Smarter with LinkedIn, published today

June 25, 2013

Work Smarter with LinkedIn takes you through exactly what we’d cover if we sat down together to get you powered up on LinkedIn. If we had an hour or two together, we’d talk about your near- and long-term professional goals, and then we’d focus on how LinkedIn could help you achieve them.

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Work Smarter with Twitter and HootSuite, new from Harvard Business Review Press

April 2, 2013

Do you feel like you could get more out of Twitter? Or are you a passionate Twitter user who wants to help your colleagues, friends and family use it and love it the way you do? Work Smarter with Twitter and HootSuite is for everyone who wants to get more out of Twitter, whether as [...]

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The 23 stages of the task management software lifecycle

March 14, 2013

Totally on top of all pending tasks Moderate slippage of select tasks leads to mild anxiety Catastrophic failure to complete one or more mission-critical tasks leads to wholesale re-evaluation of career choice, self-worth and why are we even on this earth anyhow? Application of medication, coaching and/or psychotherapy scales existential crisis back to actionable item: [...]

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3 tricks for monitoring Twitter mentions and trackbacks

January 24, 2013

The brilliant Lauren Bacon made a big splash yesterday with her thought-provoking post on the emotional work that often gets assigned to women working in the tech world. The response to that post has been so massive that it’s left her with a challenge: how do you monitor and reply to the torrent of ensuing [...]

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Saying goodbye to pen and paper

January 16, 2013

My latest blog post for Harvard Business Review has provoked a strong reaction to the idea of saying goodbye to the paper notebook. Here’s my own take on the experience of giving up on paper and pen. 4.00 22.95 Alexandra Samuel Those 25 characters, comprising a tip, a total and a signature, now represent the [...]

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Twitter & HootSuite stories wanted for next Harvard Business Review ebook

January 4, 2013

FROM AN EVERNOTE USER: I largely use Evernote to clip news articles, academic articles, and journal articles. I use separate Evernote notebooks for teaching, for material relevant to my book, and one for my next research project. I also created a notebook when I was writing a piece for The New Yorker about the shooting [...]

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Please help me launch my new Harvard Business ebook, Work Smarter with Evernote

December 17, 2012

On December 18th, Harvard Business Review Press will release my first ebook: Work Smarter with Evernote. This short guide shows how Evernote can help you become more focused and effective on the job—and get ahead in your career. I’d like to ask for your help: please buy a copy of book for yourself or as a gift for [...]

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6 ways to speed up your social media response times

November 14, 2012

Speed is essential to developing the right social media campaign, response or update. In my last post, I looked at how the right kind of market research program can support faster and more responsive social media management, inspired by The Quick and the Dead, a new ebook by my Vision Critical colleague Ray Poynter. Ray’s [...]

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