Twitter & HootSuite stories wanted for next Harvard Business Review ebook

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FROM AN EVERNOTE USER: I largely use Evernote to clip news articles, academic articles, and journal articles. I use separate Evernote notebooks for teaching, for material relevant to my book, and one for my next research project. I also created a notebook when I was writing a piece for The New Yorker about the shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek. I wanted to make sure I gave proper attribution to the ideas that I was building upon, so I clipped links to analyses of media coverage of Oak Creek or details about the shooter. I didn’t want to plagiarize anything by accident, so anytime I made an argument that had been made before, I linked to it.—Naunihal Singh, assistant professor of political science, University of Notre Dame

Work Smarter with Evernote features a number of great tips like this one. One of the best parts of working on the book was hearing all the creative ways people use Evernote to be more productive, smarter and taller. (OK, maybe not taller, but possibly thinner.)

Now that I’m working on the next ebook in the series, I’m eager to hear more great stories from creative social media users. This time, I’m looking for your best examples, tricks and tactics for using Twitter or HootSuite. How do you decide who to follow? How do you read tweets and follow people? How do you structure and organize your own tweeting?

If you’ve got suggestions on how people can get more from Twitter, examples of how you’ve used Twitter or HootSuite yourself, or stories about how Twitter has rocked your world, I’d love to hear them via Twitter (to @awsamuel), in the comment thread below, or via email to alex[at]alexandrasamuel[dot]com. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. jer979

    Disclosure.. I am VP/Mktg at Sprinklr.

    Just wondering why you are limiting to those two ways of engaging on Twitter? As you know, large brands, in particular, require more robust and secure solutions to ensure global collaboration and campaign effectiveness.
    We work with companies like Dell, Samsung, DuPont, GM, and Cisco so have a lot of insights about twitter engagement within a large enterprise environment. Happy to help, if that is what you are looking for.

  2. Alexandra Samuel

    hi Jeremy,

    This ebook will actually look at a range of Twitter tactics and tools, with a special focus on HootSuite as a widely-used Twitter client. It’s less focus on enterprise use, however, and more on Twitter use by individual professionals. If you (or others reading this) have examples of how individuals making use of Twitter to be more effective in their professional lives, that’s what I’m looking for! Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. jer979

    Thanks for the clarification on that. Sounds like a good project!

  4. Becky Castle Miller

    Starting to use Buffer recently has made a big Twitter difference for me. I’m in Europe but most of my followers are in North America, so the times I would think to Tweet, they wouldn’t be online, and I wouldn’t get any interaction. Buffer is great because I can go on content-finding sprees and load up my Buffer, and then content gets trickled out at appropriate intervals in the correct time zones.

  5. Bojan Djordjevic

    Love the hell out of Hootsuite and am a pro user. My VA’s are scheduling my tweets and thanking people who retweet me, I am monitoring once or twice a day for mentions, and curate content from other people. Either through my RSS or through my VIP twitter lists.

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